The Natural Way to Purify Your Body for Health and Longevity

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The holistic approach to detox from bestselling author and leading expert on Eastern philosophy and medicine, Daniel Reid.

It is time we recognised the direct correlation between the external pollution of the environment and the internal pollution of the body. The toxins in the air, in the water and in our food inevitably make their way into the human body. But until we take drastic measures to clean up our planet, we have to detoxify the human system from the inside.

Combining the best of ancient eastern and the latest of modern western thinking. The Tao of Detox offers a solution to restoring and preserving your good health through detox. If you want to fight chronic disease, live longer, lose weight or just feel the benefits of good health… With glowing skin and masses of energy, Daniel Reid’s rational and scientific advice will tell you how. Highly practical, The Tao of Detox shows the way to enjoy immediate wellbeing. And the promise of a longer, ailment-free life – and all without sacrificing the enjoyment of life’s pleasures.



The Tao of Detox | Daniel Reid

Format 14 × 20 cm
Autor Daniel Reid
Izdavač Symon & Schuster
Mjesto izdanja Sydney
Godina 2007
Broj stranica 335
Uvez Meki

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