How to win in Washington – Very practical advice about lobbying, the grassroots and the media – Ernest Wittenberg, Elisabeth Wittenberg

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How to Win in Washington describes how to lobby government successfully using case histories of winning campaigns and interviews with members and effective lobbyists.
* Practicality: the book provides highly practical, hands-on guidelines for how to approach government representatives,organize, prepare, and argue your case with them and with the media, and exercise the influence necessary to get what you want from government.
* A wealth of examples: the authors draw on their own experience as Washington-based lobbyists in illustrating the rules and points which they make on how to lobby effectively.
* Entertainment: this is the most entertaining as well as instructive book, which includes many `war stories’ from recent Washington lobbying annals.
The writing is colourful enough to be enjoyable for the casual reader who just wants to know how things work in Washington, and detailed enough to serve as a handbook for professionals planning all aspects of the offence or defence of a lobbying campaign. It also offers important lessons for UK lobbyists keen to apply `States-side’ techniques in their own campaigns.
“This is one of the best books I have ever seen on how Washington works. It is essential reading for anyone doing business in Washington… It is written in clear, precise English and tells important stories.” Stuart E. Eizenstat, Washingtonlawyer and Chief Domestic Advisor to President Carter

How to Win in Washington | Ernest Wittenberg, Elisabeth Wittenberg

Format 14 x 20 cm

Ernest Wittenberg, Elisabeth Wittenberg

Izdavač Cambidge
Mjesto izdanja USA
Godina 1990
Broj stranica 161
Uvez Tvrdi

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